Lake Manitouwabing Real Estate | Summer 2023

Lake Manitouwabing cottage

In the Parry Sound district, Lake Manitouwabing has always been one of the most popular lakes to purchase a cottage. Demand intensified during the pandemic and remains strong, particularly for year round lake homes as the "working from home" trend entrenched. Starlink has made high-speed internet challenges a thing of the past broadening the scope of potential workable properties.

As you can see in the charts below, total cottages sales have been substantially lower in the last year. This has been driven primarily by lack of supply and higher carrying cost from higher interest rates. As the supply side loosens up and more properties come to market I suspect sales will increase in lock-step.

Historic Sales Numbers on Lake Manitouwabing

Sunset on Lake Manitouwbing, Parry Sound

Historic Cottage Listings on Lake Manitouwabing

Cottage prices have come down just over 7% from their highs early in 2022 and I suspect they have a bit more to go. If the trend follows the Muskoka market, higher end waterfront seems to be holding up better than lower priced properties. There is not enough data on Lake Manitouwabing to see actually pin a trend but to me it just makes sense. Generally people buying a cottage north of $2,000,000 are not those going hat in hand to the bank for financing.

Historic Average Cottage & Vacant Lot Prices

Total Dollar Value of Waterfront Sales

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